I’m really excited to share a preview of my new all-ages comic, Keepsakes! It’s debuting at MOCCA table E13 this weekend, and I’ll also have it at TCAF, ABPCC, and SPX. There’s a very short early review on Bleeding Cool, and there should be another review up on Geekadelphia tomorrow.

Keepsakes is a story about two sisters. While supporting each other through the loss of a relative, they discover a (badly-kept!) secret and encounter strange elements in their grandparents’ home.  It’s up to the two of them to mend fences, get out of danger, and figure out who else might be familiar with the town’s mysteries.

$5, 38 pages, b&w interiors with full-color covers. Get it at MOCCA table E13! I hope you enjoy it, and I bet the kids in your life will dig it too.

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