Hourlies from 2/1/14! My old ones from 2013 and 2012  and 2011 are still on my website. 

I was visiting my parents in NY this past weekend, and went into the city to meet up and draw with some other wonderful cartoonists on Saturday! Shoutouts in order of arrival to Alison, Aimee, Molly, Aatmaja, Meg, Rel, Kat, and Alisa. I don’t have websites for Eric and Cynthia (and Kat, I didn’t get to meet your other friend!), but they’re all awesome folks and it was a really fun day.

Every year I think I’ll do hourlies fast enough that I don’t spend the whole day drawing them, and every year I get stuck in marker land. It’s fun, but I really think the better way to do it is FAST so your whole day isn’t just lived in between bits of comics. One of these years!

PS- link me to yours, I’d love to see ‘em! ?

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