Fig. 1: Me trying my best to act casual any time any of you wonderful people (yes, you!!) came by my table this weekend.

Or when I came to your table, or when I ran into you at the tumblr meetup, or pretty much any time at all! I had so much fun and remembered how much I really dig talking to people about things they enjoy- and everybody there enjoyed the heck outta comics, so it was pretty much perfect.

Fig 2: COMICS. Left - right and top - bottom, these are:

Creep by Kayla Miller ; Asylum 1 & 2 by Allie Kleber; Home by Josiah Files ; Bitter Sweet by Kat Fajardo ; Ghost town by Katie McDermott; Oh, the things you won’t know! by Kelly Phillips, who I tabled with along with Claire Folkman!

Strong Female Protagonist by Molly Ostertag & Brennan Lee Mulligan; Slacker comics by Doug Slack; A Pantomime Horse 1 by Ben Passmore; Solid Sight by Rebecca Mock ; The Worm Troll by Sam Alden.

Journey to the Valley of Whispers by Molly Ostertag;  Burn the Bridges of Arta by Amelia Onorato; Fantasy Baseball by Sam Bosma; Hoard by Jerel Dye ; Pencil Pup by Megan Brennan ; Those who Travel alone by Britt Sabo.

The Door by Aimee Fleck; Urban Nomad By Alisa Harris; Edna by Sophie Goldstein; Ice by Sophie Goldstein; free space! ; Over Easy by Win Evans.

Pretty Creepy by Melissa Lomax & Christian Patchell; Trust by Laura Knetzger & Christopher M. Jones; Book of Monsters by June Vigants; Good demons by Miranda Harmon; Carrot Boyfriend by Jessi Zabarsky; 6 Reasons why Cthulu has NO friends by Jacob Thompson; Cartozia Tales by a million awesome artists!! ; I Was A Teenage Anime, also by a million wonderful people; Stolen Lovelight by Paul and Tara Abbamondi- (shh I actually got this one earlier but the square needed completing).


Yao Xiao; Natalie Andrewson; Steve Conley; Ali Wilgus; Evan Palmer.

Kali Ciesemier; Rebecca Mock; Cathy G. Johnson.

Rebecca Mock; Rebekka Dunlap; Rachel Suggs; Mike Mitchell; Jeremy Sorese.

Phew. The wonderful/scary thing: I KNOW there are just about as many artists again that I didn’t make it over to, or didn’t know would be there and missed entirely! And I think there are still more awesome comics and postcards hiding in my totally still packed suitcase.

Overall: comics are great, cartoonists are making wonderful things, and I can’t wait to come back next year. Big thanks to all the SPX staff and volunteers for making it such a great show! Until then- See you at MICE and Locust Moon Fest : )

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