Come say hi to me, Kelly Phillips, and Claire Folkman at SPX table I3! We’re driving down from Philly on Friday and are super psyched to table there for the first time. Claire and Kelly edit Dirty Diamonds, and they’ll have all four issues at the table, as well as several new comics of their own. We’ll have a few of Cyn Why's books, too!

Comics: The Snapdragon Queen (preview here!) is debuting at SPX, which I’m really excited about. Rat King was originally a 24-hour comic from 2012, but the printed version got a substantial cleanup and overhaul. I’ll also have a few new minis in addition to hourlies from this year.

I’m trying out selling a few prints (screen, digital, and mini/postcard), as well as a VERY limited number of temporary safe passage tattoos.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Hope to see you there : )

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