Hey all! I wanted to take a minute to talk up all the comics, cards, prints, and zines I got at DDLL and MOCCA this year.  DDLL remains one of my favorite things across all possible categories of things. The new location was wonderful - and actually allowed some drawing to happen!- and big thanks to Lucy Knisley for organizing it in the middle of her new book tour.

First pic is goodies from DDLL. L->R and top-> bottom, these are:

  • Kaitlin Sullivan- love the tetris motif!
  • Alisa Harris made a cute and informative mini! Cooking up Comics is excellent & highly recommended.
  • Ashley Austin drew this card on the spot based on a two-word prompt!
  • Katie McDermott has an awesome website URL and makes even more awesome illustrations.
  • Dre Grigoropol is sorely missed in Philly. 
  • Rel made a clever little mini with a neat twist!
  • Rebekka Dunlap's zine Waterslide is lovely and deserves a few readings.
  • Rebecca Mock is killing it with her illustrations (and mentoring a whole host of brilliant MICA students while at it)! Her tiny chewable zine was excellent for getting folks to make fun faces. Check her work out!
  • Kelsey Sunday's work is full of lovely palettes and neat game assets!
  • Michelle's card doubles as a cool sticker!
  • Luca is a rockin animator and possessor of a host of hamster cards.
  • Elise Dinkelaker does wonderful things with ink.
  • Bridget Gibson is making some amazing creature (and everything else!) illustrations.
  • Maugerite Dabaie has a really gorgeous comic going on that you should all check out.
  • Dirty Diamonds- I’ll be sharing a table at SPX with DD editors Kelly and Claire! Now open for submissions for Issue # 4 : )
  • Aimee Fleck makes awesome fresh illustrations and comics!
  • Meg Brennan is currently making Pencil Pup, among many other wonderful things. It’s delightful and terrifying and worth your time. Pencil Pup loves you! ◑‿◐
  • And a bonus donation sketchbook because DDLL is a worthy cause. I met a bunch of other wonderful people who had run out of trading things —a whole crew of kick-ass illustrators from MICA included— and I can’t wait for next year!

I also bought a couple prints, continuing on my ridiculous goal to fill a whole wall up with artwork bought from illustrators I dig:

  • Othello by Steen- gorgeous screenprint with brilliant colors!
  • Smallest Feline by Hillary Blair - Hillary let me yoink the one blue variant of this super-sweet print, but I love the orange as well!
  • Sleep Sleep by Nora - I love the paisley & the pale pink goat together! Thanks to the artist for solving the mystery of who made it : )

And finally, an absurd hoard of comics- I went way overboard and over budget, but I’m really happy with everything I bought.

  • Women Warriors Zine, edited by Abby Boeh and Roxie Vizcarra- 100% full of amazing work by a ton of my favorite illustrators and comics folks. Should be available for purchase online soon!
  • Lead Paint Comics- a webcomic that makes me laugh; minicomic did the same!
  • Harbinger - stay tuned for a possible new URL for this comic, by Hillary Blair!
  • The Blacklight by Kelsey Sunday - intriguing and well-executed preview; looking forward to the rest of the comic!
  • Three Tales by Connie Li Chan- weird and wonderful retellings! Love the expressiveness of her drawing style.
  • Tomorrow and Boys with Flowers by Aimee Fleck-Aimee’s comics are a treat and her zine full of drawings is wonderful, too!
  • Sup Kids by Noelle Stevenson - fresh & fun & friendly & generally delightful drawings! I got to meet Noelle at DDLL, too, and was very glad to do so.
  • Moonlight by Katie McDermott- a one-pager with a delightful surprise of a gorgeous full-page illo on the back. 
  • Pocket Book by Gregory Benton- a gorgeous collection of drawings from life. Love the tiny format. 
  • Let’s Make Out by Annelise Capossela- fun accordian format and cute drawings. Check out her larger-scale color works!
  • Opposites Attract- a gorgeous zine collecting work from MICA’s new MFA in illustration. I got to chat with Kevin and Alex about the program- thanks again!
  • House of Women by Sophie Goldstein- Sophie’s work rules! Can’t wait to read more of this one, and be sure to read Betsy and Mothership Blues as well.
  • Life of Luna by Meg Brennan- if you don’t read Meg’s comics (see: Pencil Pup, above) then you’re missing out on a lot of clever, funny strange & wonderfulness!
  • Rockall, Part III by Amelia Onorato- no joke, this comic made me cry on the train. I think Amelia’s putting together a collection of all three issues soon- buy them!
  • 45* Dogs by Nora- super-cute little zine!
  • Animals with Jobs by Laura Kovalcin- funny & unexpected!
  • How to make strawberry milk by Milkyaway- I will never look at strawberry milk the same way.
  • Bug Boys 1 & 2 by Laura Knetzger- earnest, delightful, sweet, and fun. Read these!
  • Art Block by Chandler Moses- I laughed, I sobbed, I found my new life goal.
  • Freeze by Kelsey Sunday-really neat & well-drawn designs!
  • Between Blood & Water by Katie McDermott- another comic I very much want to read more of.
  • My First Time Buying Condoms, edited by Maritsa PatrinosRebecca Mock ‘s and Kris Mukai's might be my favorites for the moment, but they're all brilliant and make a wonderful collection! 

In closing: it was amazing and I want to go again right now. Can’t wait for SPX this fall! : )

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