AND NOW: Comics I bought at Mocca 2012!

(Comics from DDLL 2012 are here!)

Top Row:
The Monkey in the Basement by Corinne Mucha (published by Retrofit)- I let my Retrofit sub lapse, so I picked this comic up individually. Energetic little drawings that fit nicely with the anxious, sweet stories!
Cool Story Bro 1 & 2 by Laura Kovalcin- this is like seeing my (and sometimes yours, I’m sure!) constant internal monologue down on paper, and it’s awesome.
Lizard Chase by Hanni Brosh- Adorable mini. Really nice panel compositions, overall great stuff.
This Isn’t Working- Comics About Ex-Boyfriends (published by Paper Rocket). Nice little anthology with work by Cara Bean, Caitlin Plovnick, Robyn Chapman, Liz Pince, Jen Vaughn, and Mari Naomi. Neat style variety in here.
Space Case Sally II, by Ashley Quigg- I picked up the SCS I (along with In Common) last year, and it  continues to be some sweet sibling fun.
The North Wind & the Sun by Lenah Chandhok- I’m a sucker for clever fable retellings, and this one is excellent.

Middle Row:
Rockall, Part II by Amelia Onorato- if you’re not reading Amelia’s work, you should be! CCS students put out consistently excellent work, and this is no exception. I bought the first part of Rockall at MOCCA last year, and the second continues right along in telling a lovely story.
The Stolen Lovelight by Tara Abbamondi and Paul Abbamondi- I was really looking forward to picking up this collaboration, and it turned out brilliantly. Excellent story, gorgeous drawings, and a really good read.
Inside the Slow Spiral by Jon Allen- I want to learn to balance inks and a single grey tone half as well as this comic does. Gorgeous.
Owl Time and Betsy by Sophie Goldstein- another awesome CCS student. I bought and loved her sweet short Post last year, and was really looking forward to seeing more of her work! Betsy was a sweet little work of dark sci-fi and Owl Time is just adorable. Check them out!

Bottom Row: 
Partly Cloudy by Meg Brennan- two stories in this one! Meg has a knack for writing great dialog- these are both great reads.
Beach Balloon by Andrew Fulton- one of many fantastic Australian cartoonists who are traveling around to several North American conventions this spring. The drawings in this book are so energetic, I could stare at them all day!
A Taste of Paradise by Megan Baehr- So good. I want to buy all of her newer books immediately- this was a 24-hour comic from back in 2005, and it’s excellent. She also makes adorable toys.
Poisson et Chat by Joanna Lorho and Joseph Kai- sweet little comic about a cat in over its head (forgive me, that was the worst pun).
Let me Just, Argh! & Whiskers by Kat Fajardo- Kat’s ink washes are are such a nice complement to her energetic drawings! Love these stories.
Counter Attack # 5 by Alisa Harris- Alisa’s cats are the ur-cats. Alisa catalogs their antics with incredible skill and care- you should read this!
A Series of Moments by Patricia Burgess- some very cool hourly comics.

There are a lot of people I wanted to find but didn’t make it to out of sheer overwhelemed exhaustion. I wish I were going to TCAF, too, but maybe next year!

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