Rift, my new all-ages comic, will debut at SPX 2014! I’ll also have it at MICE and Locust Moon. Here’s its totally sweet blurb:

RIFT is a story about sibling conflicts, fear, and hope, in a setting that’s just a little bit magical. Tess and Sam haven’t been getting along all summer, and now a camp-wide competition has tensions between them at an all-time high– with their friends caught right in the middle. Will an unexpected, accidental visitor from elsewhere be the final straw, or can all of them work together to get their strange companion safely home?

This all-ages book is a companion to Keepsakes, set in the same location and following some of the same characters, but can also be enjoyed on its own. 38 pages, B & W interior with color covers, $5.

Its SPX debut page is up here. and stick around for a full preview coming soon! In the meantime, you can get Keepsakes (preview here) on gumroad for only $2 (digital) or storenvy for $5 (physical).

I did a variant cover for Banana Guard Academy #2, which came out last week (whoops)! If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a sweet new miniseries that Mad Rupert's drawing and Kent Osborne & Dylan Haggerty are writing. Aimee Fleck's doing the main covers for the whole run, so I'm in good company :)

I did another cover for a later issue that I’ll post closer to the release date, too!

I did the artwork for two short backup comics coming out this week- get ‘em Wednesday at your local shop!

Escape from Junk Rat Island (Part 1) was written by Mad Rupert- check out a preview for this issue of Bravest Warriors!

& Grabbed by the Ghostlies (Part 1) was written by Rachel Connor! Here’s another sweet preview for Regular Show #14.

These are both Part 1 of 2, so tune in next month, too :)

Here’s a preview of my short for Terrestrial, the earth-themed fantasy comics anthology organized by Amanda Scurti and debuting at SPX 2014! That’s Amanda’s gorgeous cover image up top.

These are the first 2 pages of a 6-page fairytale about magic and pottery, moms & daughters, and things we leave behind.

Check out more preview pages and the full (EXCELLENT) line-up, and don’t forget to pre-order it here before August 11th!

Here’s the short comic in AT #30 that I did the artwork for! Favorite things to draw:

  1. LSP’s hat & gowns
  2. Coolmuscles’s muscles 
  3. that garbage dump

Ryan North wrote it, and his script was super funny and great to work with. I love all the comics in the issue (Marcy cooking for PB!! Peppermint butler being vaguely cannibalistic!!), and they were all drawn by awesome cartoonists that I’m stoked to get to share issue space with. Definitely snag it at your local shop or through BOOM!

Big thanks to Whitney for the chance to work on this (& for the ok to post it)!

I got to do the little doodles that accompany the editorial section for Boom! Box this month! These babies are all the way in the back of Lumberjanes #3 and will also be in Midas Flesh #7. If your local shop doesn’t have em, you can always get em through the Boom! website. Both are series I’m enjoying the heck out of, and it was a real pleasure to get to draw these up! Big thanks to Shannon and all the other awesome people at Boom! for letting me do so. (and for more exciting stuff coming up next month!)

along with being wicked-cool, these are a pretty solid cross-section of things I might be thinking about if you catch me staring into space at any given point in time. are they literal or symoblic? maybe both!! definitely both.

Juno & Hazel & Spike for draw your cat in a dress day! big thanks to Becky & Frank for starting such a beautiful holiday.

The Haverford Township Free Library (mini) Comic Con will be on July 12th this year! I drew up a little piece of promo artwork for it. It’s a family-friendly con, and while I can’t guarantee any tiny dinos will actually be in attendance, I’ll sure be there. If you’re local, come on by!

doing some sketching & development for my Then It Was Dark story and I found some beautiful photo evidence of my best summer outfit ever. definitely carried my pocket knife around in that fanny pack all summer long!

for accuracy’s sake I should also be wearing the 5 million lanyards and friendship bracelets I made over the course of the camp session, whoops

New illustration! the never-ending hunt for the next big thing in desserts.
It’s also up on my portfolio site here.

New illustration! the never-ending hunt for the next big thing in desserts.

It’s also up on my portfolio site here.